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Ascension Stones

These images were given to me over a period of time. I was told that there is no specific way to use them, because every person will be guided to work with them in their own personal and unique way. The stones were carefully selected to support and amplify each symbol.

Each stone comes with a little pouch and the explanation of the symbol, as you can see below. You can also buy the whole set.

The Galaxy reminds us that we come from the stars. We are made of Light-Energy. This symbol activates our Soul Star Chakra.The stone is Black Jasper

The Sacred Rose within the Heart Chakra is one of the most powerful symbols. It activates the Light Codes within us. The stone is Rose Quartz.

The Ascending Heart is Eternal. There is no limit to what Love can do. It activates the High Heart Chakra The stone is Amethyst.

The Fifth Dimension Earth represents our planet without the illusion of separation. We are One, united in Universal Love. This symbol activates the energy lines that connect us to the Universal Grid. The stone is Green Aventurine.

Picture this Spiral in a multidimensional way, moving in all directions at once, in all times, past, present and future. It represents Eternity and activates our Akashic Memory. The stone is Blue Aventurine.

This set comes in a pouch with a little card explaining the meanings. The stones are about 1 -1/2” long.

One of a kind. Please note that colors might vary a little in person.

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