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Just Breathe was created by Elisa Wyatt and Tiffany Stallworth back in the summer of 2018. Both ladies are from Detroit, MI. Tiffany and Elisa planned to start the business after years and practice of law of attraction, meditation and yoga. They wanted to share their experiences with the world so they decided to start Just Breathe. Tiffany decided to move to Atlanta, GA where she started the business. Elisa was planning to move to Atlanta as well, but had to stay behind due to being diagnosed with breast cancer. After being in Atlanta for a year Tiffany and Elisa decided to register business in May of 2019. Just Breathe started off with selling products for the Chakras including candles and yoga mats.  Just Breathe quickly expanded and started selling products such as sage, Dreamcatchers, tarot readings, and much more. Tiffany and Elisa are both very intuitive and gifted. Tiffany decided to add readings for people that are lost and need some guidance. Just Breathe pinterest business account went from 500 monthly viewers to 5,000 within a week. In January of 2020, Tiffany decided to change the name to Sevynth Element since the business was beginning to evolve. Sevynth Element came from the mission to help those to evolve higher on a spiritual level and help those along their spiritual journey. Sevynth Element comes from the name 7th Dimension. Element is another word for dimension. It is said that the 7th Dimension is the highest dimension. In religion they call it heaven. Sevynth Element was created to help those to vibrate to that higher dimension and higher vibration. As of May 2020, Elisa and Tiffany has reached over 150,000 monthly viewers since changing its name. 

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